Nair™ Easiwax™ Wax tub

The Nair Easiwax Wax tub is a water soluble wax, easily heated in the microwave or on the stove. Water-soluble, it washes off easily avoiding those messy clean ups. Safe and suitable for all parts of the face and body, Nair Easiwax Wax removes hairs from the roots for long lasting results.

An easy-application spatula and reusable, non-woven strips for wax removal are also supplied with the pack.

Please read directions and warnings carefully


  • Hair should be at least 5mm – 1cm long so that the wax can grip the hair properly. You may need to let it grow for 14 days or so after shaving or using depilatory creams.
  • Longer hair, such as underarm and bikini line hair must be trimmed to approximately 5mm to 1cm before waxing.
  • Always carry out a patch test on a small part of the area to be waxed 24 hours before use to ensure no skin irritation occurs.
  • Keeping area to be waxed oil-free by not using creams or moisturisers for at least 2 days before waxing will help ensure the best result.
  • The skin to be waxed should be dry. It may be necessary on some areas like the underarms to lightly dust area to be waxed with talcum powder and brush off any excess.

Warming the Wax

  • Wax should resemble the consistency of honey and not be uncomfortably hot.
  • Ideal working temperature is 45° - 50°C.
  • Do not leave wax unattended when heating.
  • The jar containing wax will also be heated and we recommend placing it on a microwave plate and using care when handling.

Microwave Warming

REMOVE lid and seal from jar.

For Face and Small Areas Microwave on high for 20 seconds. It is not necessary to melt all the wax. Use the melted wax from around the side of the jar.

For Legs and Larger Areas Microwave on high for 40 seconds. Melt the entire contents and stir in order to achieve a smooth consistency.

CAUTION: Microwaves vary, the above times are suggestions only based on a 700 watt power microwave. Take extra care when first warming the wax. Heating times should be reduced according to the amount of wax left in the jar (eg. halve heating times if half wax remains).

Stove-Top Warming

REMOVE lid and seal from jar. REPLACE lid on jar. Stand jar in a pot of water so that water level is half way up the side of the jar. Do not allow water to seep into the wax. Bring water to boil and simmer.

For Face and Small Areas Simmer for 5 minutes. Use the melted wax from around the side of the jar.

For Legs and Larger Areas Simmer for 15 minutes. Melt the entire contents and stir in order to achieve a smooth consistency.


CAUTION: Check wax temperature by testing on the inside of your wrist. Wax should not be uncomfortably hot. Its ideal consistency resembles honey.

Waxing Directions

  1. Determine the direction of hair growth for the area you wish to wax; you need to apply the wax in the same direction.
  2. Dip the spatula or the blunt side of a knife 5cm into the wax when waxing large areas. For facial areas use the tip of a cotton bud. Angle the spatula, apply firm pressure and spread a thin film of wax.
  3. Place a strip over the wax area and smooth down firmly in the direction of hair growth. Leave lower section of strip 3cm from the skin to avoid sticky fingers and ensure easy removal.
  4. DO NOT WAIT. Nair Easiwax™ Wax does not set hard.
  5. Ensure that skin is TAUT by holding the skin firmly with one hand. Grip onto the edge and pull the strip back QUICKLY in the OPPOSITE direction to hair growth and as CLOSE TO THE SKIN as possible.
  6. If hairs are not removed the first time, repeat procedure again.
  7. Rinse off any wax residue with water and a clean cloth, then pat dry.

Tips for Better Waxing

  • Do not allow water to seep into the wax jar as water will spoil the wax.
  • Do not wax immediately after a hot bath or shower.
  • The thinner film you apply Nair Easiwax® the better your result.
  • If hairs are not removed the first time this may be due to dead skin cells. Daily exfoliation of the skin using a loofah will not only help prevent ingrown hairs it will also enable maximum usage of wax. In most cases a second application of wax warms the hair follicles and stubborn hairs are removed with ease.
  • You may wish to practice waxing on the legs first so that you perfect the technique. The most comfortable and effective technique includes holding the skin taut and pulling the strip back quickly and as close to the skin as possible.
  • When waxing the face, bikini line, underarm, thighs and stomach, take special care to keep the skin taut. This is essential to eliminate any chance of bruising the skin or ineffective results. You may need a friend to help you wax these areas.
  • As with any wax treatment, skin may turn slightly pink after hair removal, though this will quickly disappear within 24 hours. Excessive redness may be reduced by applying an ice pack to the treated area.
  • After removing hair from facial areas, wrap an ice cube in a clean handkerchief and apply it to the treated areas. This quickly reduces any redness.
  • To prevent skin irritation, do not apply moisturisers to the waxed areas for at least 24 hours.

Cautions & Warnings

  • Do not use if skin is broken, sunburnt, irritated or infected or on varicose veins, moles, warts, scars, eczema or damaged, inflamed, chapped or sore skin.
  • Do not wax eyelashes, inside nose or ears, on nipples or genital/vaginal areas, or perianal areas.
  • Do not use deodorants on waxed areas for at least 12 hours after waxing.
  • Protect the skin from the sun by using sunscreen for at least 24 hours after waxing.
  • This product is not suitable for use by people suffering from diabetes or circulatory problems, sensitive skin, problem skin, people using Retin-A products, the elderly or people with loose skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.